Employees at the Mercedes offices in Milton Keynes were provided with important eyecare and advice to coincide with the annual Road Safety Week, an initiative by road safety charity Brake.

Vision screening

Staff from the Specsavers store in Milton Keynes shopping centre went to visit the Mercedes offices to administer vision screening tests and offer workers eyecare advice and leaflets.

Raise awareness

Vision screening tests are used to help assess whether a patient is legally required to wear glasses or contact lenses when driving. The store staff offered the free testing to raise awareness of Road Safety Week and the important role having good eyesight plays in staying safe when on the roads.

Road safety week

Specsavers Milton Keynes store director, Steve Moore, says: ‘To coincide with Road Safety Week we were really keen to not only raise awareness of the campaign but also remind everyone of the importance of good eyesight and having regular testing in staying safe when using the roads.

Local employees

‘We were able to screen 61 people during the day who were all very grateful for the scheme and we hope we can continue to help local employees in Milton Keynes to stay safe on the roads.’


Brake is a national road safety charity which exists to prevent deaths and injuries which happen on roads on a daily basis, through campaigns and other funding. The charity also promotes safe and sustainable road use and effective road safety policies.


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