A visit to Melton Mowbray Specsavers turned out to be life-saving for one local resident, helping him to avoid a potentially fatal stroke. Neil Bradbury has been a regular customer at the store for many years and visited for a routine eye examination after experiencing momentary losses of vision. 

During his sight test, optometrist Dilraj Gumber, discovered a bleed at the back of Neil’s eye and recommended that he make an urgent appointment with his GP to look for underlying health issues.

Avoiding a potentially fatal stroke

After carrying out a full health check, the GP found that Neil had unusually high blood pressure which was the likely cause of the bleed in his eye. Importantly, the health check also picked up a mass on Neil’s lung and discovered a weakened heart valve, suggesting there was a high chance Neil would have suffered a fatal stroke within three months.

‘Other than my loss of vision, I felt completely normal and hadn’t been to the doctor for around eight years, so it just goes to show how important these simple check-ups can be,’ said Neil. ‘It was a real shock to discover how close I was to suffering a stroke. Since my eye examination and doctor’s appointment, I’ve had several operations and I’m now waiting for a final operation on my heart valve.

If I hadn’t visited Specsavers for an eye examination, I probably wouldn’t have gone to my GP and almost certainly wouldn’t be here today, so I’m very grateful to Dilraj for identifying the bleed behind my eye and urging me to see my doctor and I’d just like to say thank you to the whole team for their support.’

Importance of routine eye examinations

Marshall Bradley, store director, said: ‘It can be surprising what a routine visit to the opticians is able to uncover, but Neil’s case reinforces the importance of regular eye examinations as part of a full health check.

It must have been a very worrying time for Neil following his doctor’s diagnosis, but we’re pleased to hear that he’s now on the road to recovery and we wish him all the best.’

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*Picture credit: Melton Times