The team from Specsavers Marlborough are kindly taking donations to help raise money for Children for Cancer UK.


To mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, the store is offering customers a yellow ribbon to support the cause in return for a contribution towards the British-based charity.


Fundraising to help children affected by cancer is something the store has been involved with before. Last year, Specsavers Marlborough store director, Katie Andrews, became heavily involved in Oscar’s Worcester Walkers, a charity walk that supported two UK stem cell donor registers after Oscar, who is now 10 months free of cancer, was affected by the disease.


A word from the store director

‘Despite the current situation, it’s great to know that we can continue to keep giving back to the wonderful charities who help those in similar positions to Oscar, who attends the same school as my son,’ said Katie. ‘Although we’re having to approach fundraising slightly differently at the moment, we’d like to thank the generosity of our customers and local community who have donated when they’ve come in for an appointment.’


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