A member of staff at Specsavers in Marlborough is now one step closer to qualifying as an optometrist after graduating with a first class optometry degree from Cardiff University. 

Hard work paid off

Jamie Bowen, 21, has taken up a graduate pre-reg optometrist position at the store following three years of study at the university’s School of Optometry and Vision Sciences. As well as learning about all aspects of visual health, Jamie honed his technical skills providing specialist assessment, treatment and advice for members of the public. 

During the next year, Jamie will gain essential clinical experience and face assessments as he works towards his final qualification. 

‘It’s a brilliant feeling to have graduated with a first – all of my hard work has paid off,’ Jamie said. ‘I know the hard work won’t stop here though, and I’m looking forward to the challenges my pre-reg year will bring. There’s a great atmosphere in the Marlborough store and I’m working as part of a talented and supportive team.’

Professional training

Specsavers’ structured pre-reg programme provides professional training towards becoming a fully qualified optometrist and includes residential courses, regional revision days, one to one mentoring and hands-on workshops. 

Pre-reg graduates also gain experience across the full range of cutting-edge optometry equipment. 

Store director Rachael King commented: ‘We were all so pleased to hear about Jamie’s success in his degree and are delighted that he’ll be completing his pre-reg year here in Marlborough. Jamie has been with us periodically throughout his degree and we’ve seen him go from strength to strength.

'I’m sure that he’ll take this year in his stride and it will be the beginning of a long career in optometry within Specsavers.’

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