Sanjay Patel, store director at Specsavers in Maidstone, shares his top tips to sure your and your family’s eyesight is properly protected from UV rays this summer.


‘Always make sure your sunglasses are marked UV400, which means they will provide enough protection from sun damage – which is very important during these hot, sunny days!’

Go big

‘The larger the lens, the more protection they’ll give your eyes! Choose a pair of sunglasses that will properly cover your eyes and the area around them, so that there will be less chance that light will filter through the sides’.

Be cautious 

‘If you wear prescription sunglasses and are taking them on holiday, remember to have your optician’s phone number with you so that if they break, your prescription can be sent to an optician near you. Alternatively, make sure you have copies of the prescription or a picture on your phone’.