In light of World Glaucoma Week, Sanjay Patel, store director at Specsavers in Maidstone, shares his knowledge on the condition and urges local residents to check their eyes regularly.

About glaucoma

‘Glaucoma is not an age-related sight loss condition, like many people think. Yes, primary open angle glaucoma becomes more common as you get older, but other types of glaucoma can develop on young adults or even on babies and children.

‘It’s asymptomatic and can even affect people with a perfect 20/20 vision. You may not notice any difference in your vision, because it tends to affect your peripheral vision first – which you may not even be aware of.

‘It’s only when it progresses to moderate or advanced glaucoma that people start to notice changes to their vision quality.’

Importance of regular eye tests

‘This is why regular eye-tests are so important – you should have your eyes checked every year, without fail and regardless of the state of your vision.’

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