The Macclesfield Specsavers team are reminding people to stay safe and look after their eyesight as the nights get darker.

Vision is reduced in the dark

Peter Scott, optometrist at the store said: ‘Now is an important time for people to get their eyes checked. Vision is reduced when it’s dark, and if you already suffer minor vision problems, the added darkness could be potentially dangerous.'

The number of fatal accidents on the roads increase when the clocks go back, so it’s vital that drivers and pedestrians get their eyes checked to make sure they are keeping themselves and other drivers safe.

Rise in accidents have been reported 

Statistics from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents suggest it is more dangerous to be out and about when it’s dark. In 2016, pedestrian deaths rose from 20 in September to 35 in October, 50 in November and 67 in December.  

Peter continues: ‘It really is vital that people look after their eyesight, especially during the winter months. Many of us do not notice difficulties with vision until it is darker for longer. If you have not had an eye test recently, you should book one ahead of party season.’

The Macclesfield store is advising people to book an eye test if they have any concerns about their eyesight or have not had an eye examination in the last two years.

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