A new year brings a new focus on our health and wellbeing. Keen to put eye health top of the agenda too for 2018 is optometrist director, Neil Constantine-Smith.

Has your child had an eye test?

Neil says: 'An eye test isn't just for those with impaired vision or a box to tick when we hit middle age - children's eye checks are very important. Their eyes are very precious and their vision in their early years helps them develop. 

'Their sight is used to see the world around them - to learn and discover with 80% of what is taught in school being visually presented. Make sure you help with your child's development by having their sight tested before they start school or aged 3 upwards. 

'This test goes deeper than their early years' developmental check. We can pick up issues that you or your child might not be aware of and the sooner it is identified, the better the outcome.'

Adult eye health

An eye examination checks your vision but it will also check your eye health. 

Neil continues: 'Sometimes, a sight test can pick up indicators of other issues relating to your overall health such as diabetes and high blood pressure.  Symptons can easily go unnoticed but a retinal photography of the eye enables an optometrist to spot the signs. That's why a two year eye examination is paramount and the good news is, it's really easy to do as we can now take bookings online via our website."

Great ranges and solutions to suit you

The Lymington store is home to lots of fashionable looks and styles to suit every budget, every lifestyle. 

Neil adds: 'Our customers range from children to grandparents and our frame choice reflects this need. We have some great Disney lines for children for example and for the fashion-conscious customer, brand names like Superdry, Timberland and Balmain tick lots of boxes! Frames come in varying colours and materials and of course, your lenses will be tailored to meet your needs.'

Is it time to trial contact lenses?

Maybe you are starting the New Year with a view of trialling contact lenses for the first time? 

Neil advises: 'We regularly see customers wanting to make the switch, and sometimes, a customer wants lenses for a specific need, such as wearing them for sports. It can seem daunting but be rest assured that our in store contact lens advisor will answer all your questions and help pick out the perfect solution to suit you. We also offer a free trial so do pop into the store to learn more.'

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