The snow has caused problems for some but don't let the cold affect your eyes, says the team at Specsavers in Lymington. Here, director Neil Constantine-Smith offers some tips.

Steps to avoid eye soreness in the cold

Eyes can become irritated thanks to the harsh effects of cold winds and central heating, leaving them feeling dry, gritty and bloodshot. You can do a few simple things to protect them though, such as reducing the setting on your central heating, avoiding car heaters blowing up into the face level, and avoid direct heat such as gas or electric heaters. These steps will all avoid dry eye.

Drink lots

The gritty sensation and dryness in our eyes during colder weather can be made worse by dehydration. Eye drops can add extra lubrication to dry eyes to really help with this problem. Also, keep your fluid intake up.

Care for eyes when suffering from colds and flu

Infections can inflame your conjunctiva – the clear membrane covering the whites of your eyes, leaving them feeling irritated. Make sure you always wash your hands before touching eyes to prevent cross infection.

Pop on some sunglasses

This might sound slightly crazy for the winter, but the sun is low in the sky at this time of year and can be uncomfortable, particularly when driving. The UV filters in your lenses give you added protection against ultraviolet radiation too which will help reduce the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration.

If your eyes are feeling the strain in this cold snap, the team are on-hand to assist.

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