Luton store manager Tracy might be recognisable by more than a few customers – this year marks her 22nd year working in-store

From part-time receptionist to store manager

Tracy started with the team when she had a young family – originally joining as a part-time receptionist. She says she moved to full time as soon as she could, and over the years has put herself through more and more training, to eventually become the manager of the Luton team.

She says she has a strong interest in helping her team to develop and really enjoys watching people progress. Her favourite things about the Luton store are the fact that everyone is very close-knit and cares about their customers.

Outside of work…

Two years ago Tracy started horse riding, and much like her work ethic, she is moving through the paces to become better and better, making her way from beginner to experienced, and eventually, to jumping.

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