Sacred Heart Primary School

A PRIMARY school classroom was temporarily transformed into an optical lab as two local opticians spent an afternoon talking all things glasses with children from Sacred Heart Primary School.

History of glasses

Ellis Bunyan and Usman Uppal from Specsavers Luton visited the school for an educational afternoon during which they taught the excited children about the history of glasses before answering their questions.

Eye examinations

Specsavers Luton, located at 36 George Street sent along a dispensing optician and an optical assistant to share their knowledge about specs with the youngsters. There was no shortage of enthusiasm amongst the class as they listened to a brief history of glasses before taking the opportunity to design and make their own specs. The optical duo then lined up the group for an in-class sight test to show them how they work and highlight the importance of eye examinations.

Engage children

Store director David Brett-Williams says: ‘It’s really important to engage children with the importance of eye care from an early age. As the Specsavers initiative ‘eight is too late’ suggests, it is vital that children understand the benefits of regular eye checks and appreciate the importance of glasses for those who need them. To be able to go into schools such as Sacred Heart Primary and educate the kids while doing something a little different with them is great and I really hope we can do more work like this in the future. I think our staff enjoyed it as much as the kids!’

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