Luton is home to a portion of the University of Bedfordshire’s campus and with it, experiences an influx of aspiring scholars every autumn.

And this year, Specsavers in Luton’s George Street is calling on freshers to focus in on the importance of eye health as they embark on their studies.

A word from the store director

David Brett-Williams, optometrist and co-owner of Specsavers in Luton, said: ‘For many freshers, university is the first time they have lived away from home and taken on the responsibility of scheduling their own healthcare appointments.

‘It’s important to know that eye tests are vital in monitoring your sight and checking your overall eye health.

‘For example, during your time at university you’ll likely spend a significant amount of time reading from books and projectors, so if you haven’t had an eye test in the last two years, it would be advisable to find out if you require any visual aid or a change to your current prescription.

‘Likewise, computer screens will also become regular aspect of your daily lives so you might want to consider our anti-glare lens coating if you are a specs wearer.

‘Our team are here to advise you on your own specific sight needs so make time to introduce yourself to us as you settle in to your studies.’

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