Did you know that there is one simple thing you can do to make your eyes feel more comfortable at this time of year?

Just blink more. It really is that easy. And according to the eye experts at Specsavers Lowestoft, in London Road North, most people do not blink enough.

Keep your eyes hydrated

David Holcombe, store director in Lowestoft, said: ‘Blinking regularly is really important in making sure that your eyes stay hydrated.

‘Unfortunately, many of us simply do not do it enough. Studies have shown that, when we are concentrating on a computer or smartphone screen, for example, we may only blink five times a minute when 22 times would be a normal rate.’

Regular eye tests

David also recommends regular eye tests if you want to keep your vision healthy.

He explains: ‘Eye tests are not just about whether you need a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses, although this is clearly important.

‘They can also provide an early warning sign of a number of medical conditions. So if you have not had a test for a while, while not book one today.’

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