Director and optometrist, Steven Hui, who has been qualified since 1999, would like to remind people of the importance of getting your eyes tested.

Thankful to have gone to Specsavers

Recently, customer Brian Melsom came into the store having had blurred vision for three days, consecutively.

Brian called Specsavers on Saturday morning for an afternoon appointment with an optician and saw Steven Hui that afternoon where Steven Hui thought he might be suffering from Uveitis (Iritis) and suggested that went to Moorfields A&E immediately.

Steven’s diagnosis was correct, it was confirmed that the iris had attached to the ciliary body (behind the iris). Brian received treatment plus a course of eye drops which lasted for six weeks. Brian had to return three days later and it was confirmed that the iris had detached as expected and two follow up visits since have confirmed that everything was now OK.

The pupil attachment can be a common side-effect as the pupil sticking causes a build-up of eye pressure and can cause an ‘acute glaucoma’ - a loss off visual function through nerve damage at the back of the eye. In 50% of cases the causes are unknown, and the condition may reoccur.

Excellent customer service

Of his experience, Brian said: ‘From my point of view, a huge benefit of using Specsavers Loughton is that they offer a seven-day service and have enough opticians to help accommodate emergency appointments. Mr Hui was extremely helpful and I am more than happy with the attention that I received.’

More information about Uveitis

Steven detected the uveitis via a slit-lamp bio-microscope, a specialist piece of equipment. There are many types of uveitis but all are an inflammation of parts of the eye. Two to five in every 10,000 people in the UK will be affected by uveitis every year. The condition is relatively uncommon but it is the main cause of visual impairment in the UK so it’s important that it’s detected and treated as early as possible.

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