Music superstar and entrepreneur is the next in a long line of celebrity designers, to create a range of eyewear exclusively for Specsavers.

The new collection from the Black Eyed Peas singer and producer has 17 styles, inspired by hip-hop legends such as Run DMC and Flava Flav, with an innovative, futuristic twist.

Subtleties and attention to detail said: ‘What makes my collection and designs unique are the subtleties and attention to detail that gives them the extra ‘oomph’, while remaining entirely wearable. I want my line to inspire everyone to accessorise with glasses in a dope way.’

The collection costs £125 including standard single vision lenses and is included in the Specsavers two for one offer.

Make your outfit look fresh

Talking about his love for specs, continued: ‘Glasses are the best way to make your outfit look fresh, put together, yet unique. If I am going to take the time to make sure my shoes, coat and hat look good together, I’m always going to complete the outfit with a great pair of glasses.’

The range is now available in stores.

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