Two Loughton staff members have helped to save the sight of a local woman following a visit at the store.

A regular customer, Diane Halliday was out playing with her two grandsons at Highlands Park when she began getting symptoms of flashing lights, floaters and ocular pain.

The following day Diane visited the store due to the fact she has been a loyal customer for over eight years and trusted the staff to give an honest opinion.

A great customer and staff relationship

Steven Blundell (trainee dispensing optician) and Ravi Prem (pre reg optometrist) immediately suspected a macular hole and acted promptly by referring Diane to hospital, to get an appointment.

Grandmother-of-two, Diane, went to Moorfields hospital where she was, in fact, diagnosed with a macular hole and treated the next day with laser surgery. If caught early, the treatment is far more successful, but if left untreated it means central vision can deteriorate to the point that even the largest print on an eye test is unreadable.

Two days after the treatment, Diane came back into the store to see Steven and Ravi to update them on her recovery. Diane said: ‘I am so grateful to Steven and Ravi for going out of their way to help me and I can’t speak highly enough of them.’

‘Being 66 years old and a diabetic, I regularly go to appointments at the store to ensure my eye health is in check. I have a great relationship with the staff there, which is why I chose to get a second opinion. In fact, my son was Steven Blundell’s driving instructor and so I felt I was in good hands.’

A word from the director 

Store director, Ray De Souza, said: ‘We’re so pleased that Diane’s treatment was successful. I am very proud to have such a dedicated and fantastic team here at the Loughton store. Eye examinations not only test your vision, but can also detect a number of potentially harmful issues.’

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