The team at Specsavers in Loughton has received glowing praise from one of their customers.

Urgent referral

Sarah Wright noticed when looking at photos of her son Levi that he had a white dot in his right eye. Concerned that it might be a sign something was wrong she immediately took Levi to Specsavers for a sight test. After a thorough examination, optometrist Tamin Husain discovered that Levi had significant issues with his sight in his right eye and was also suffering from partial blindness. Levi was referred urgently to an eye specialist.


Following further tests, doctors discovered that thankfully Levi did not have a rare eye cancer as initially feared but was suffering with a condition known as hypermetropia, also known as severe long sightedness, in his right eye making him partially blind. He required urgent treatment to repair the damage. Levi was given high prescription glasses, and an eye patch to wear on his healthy eye to encourage his bad eye to strengthen. There has been a significant improvement in Levi’s vision and Sarah is full of praise for Specsavers in Loughton for their professionalism.

Brilliant team

Sarah comments: ‘My son Levi suffers from selective mutism but Tamin Husain and the rest of the team were brilliant and instantly made him feel at ease. They had so much patience with him and I am so grateful they were able to make him feel safe and relaxed.I would also like to thank the store for spotting the issue in Levi’s eye and sending him to hospital to receive the treatment which ultimately saved his sight.’

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