A delighted customer has written to the team at Specsavers Longton Hearcare Centre to express his happiness with his new hearing aids. 

Mr Clifford Yates MBE wrote:

‘A couple of couple of weeks ago I visited your Longton Branch and David Hutchinson fitted me with two hearing aids. Since then I have lost certain words from my vocabulary and unfortunately gained others. I can no longer say "pardon" or "can you say that again, please?" whilst I keep hearing female voices saying "will you wash the dishes" and "my car needs filling up with petrol."

‘Needless to say I am rather delighted with both outcomes. David was most helpful during the consultation and equipped me to perfection. He is evidentially very competent and a credit to your organisation.

‘The appliances were supplied on a two week trial and I have advised your staff that I wish to keep them. Indeed, you will definitely have a huge fight on your hands to get them back.

‘When I arrived for my initial consultation I had already begun to become rather reclusive, shunning social events and refusing to dine out because I could no longer follow a conversation in a noisy environment. 

‘Last night I even held conversations at a dinner for over 80 very noisy guests; last month I would have had to sit in silence.

‘Finally may I congratulate you on a wonderful team at Longton and I look forward to continued support in the future.’

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