Sirjit SangheraIf, director at Specsavers in London Wall is often asked what is astigmatism, so here he gives his insights into the condition and what the options are to give you clearer vision.

The shape of the eye

'When we conduct an eye test, we are closely monitoring the health of the eye and any changes in your vision. We can also look at the shape of the eye and those with astigmatism have either an unevenly curved cornea or lens inside the eye that is shaped more like rugby ball than a round football.'

What the the symptons?

'What happens is light rays are focused on variable places in the eye, meaning that you do not have one clear image. It often happens with long or short sightedness too and we can create your lenses to adapt the condiotion, giving you a clear vision.'

How to correct it

'After your sight test, we will tailor your prescription and this includes the creation of a cylinder shape built into the lenses at a certain angle. We stock an array of frames in lots of fashionable styles and our team will be able to help you pick the right pair to suit you.

Contact lenses can also correct astigmatism - mild astigmatism can be corrected by an ordinary gas-permeable lens.'

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