Two kind hearted Livingston residents gave up their hearing for a day to raise money for Hearing Dogs Scotland.

West Lothian College lecturer, Alex Harvey and Edinburgh Council worker, Amanda Harvey took part in the charity-lead ‘Deaf for a Day’ initiative on Monday, 22 September.

Special in-ear moulds
Specsavers Hearing Centre in The Centre, Livingston supplied the pair with specially designed in-ear moulds to simulate the effects of hearing loss, enabling them to complete the fundraiser.

Wearing the moulds, the pair attended their jobs at the college and council as usual, and completed the day-to-day tasks they usually would while keeping a journal to document their experiences.

Hearing Dogs Scotland
Alex Harvey said: “Amanda and I were thrilled to support Hearing Dogs Scotland by going deaf for the day to help raise awareness and funds for a charity that is very close to our hearts.

'Until I began learning British Sign Language a few years ago, I had very little comprehension of deaf culture and the issues deaf people deal with.

I hope our Deaf for a Day experiences help raise awareness in the college and in the wider West Lothian community.

I gained a unique insight and tiny glimpse of the difficulties deaf people face on a daily basis.'

Jonathan Bell at Specsavers Hearing Centre in Livingston said: “We were delighted to partner with Hearing Dogs Scotland and provide moulds for the volunteers.

'We would encourage everyone to donate to the great cause and help out those in the community with hearing difficulties.'

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