Liverpool’s 50,000 students treated to exclusive optical offers

Specsavers Liverpool Lord Street has confirmed it will join other retailers in the city in the Virtual Student Takeover – offering exclusive discounts and deals to students to help welcome them to the city.

The team at the store is keen to join in with the event to raise awareness of its healthcare services for students. 

Take advantage if you’re a student

Students are invited to take advantage of 20% off specs from the £69 range and over, as well as a free contact lens trial – this is an ongoing offer for students.

Students can also nab 50% off their first three-month contact lens supply if they join the Easycare direct debit scheme which also includes home delivery service before 10th October 2020.

A few words from the director

Karen Park, the store’s retail director, spoke about the importance of the student population to the city. She said: 'With over 50,000 students across Liverpool, it’s essential that young people can still experience these traditional deal-focussed student takeovers that regularly occur each year around Fresher’s Week.

'We hope that local students use this as a trigger to get their vision tested and consider the use of contact lenses as well as our fantastic range of glasses, including designers brands such as Marc Jacobs, DKNY and Levi’s.'

Students can receive specialist advice from staff at the store on contact lens use and effective eye health maintenance. For more information, visit the stores website.


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