Lisburn store organised a ‘hattastic’ day at the end of March all in aid of Brain Tumour Research. They joined staff from seven Specsavers stores across Northern Ireland raising almost £1000 for the charity.

Store director Natalie Latham said: ‘Wear a Hat Day gave us the opportunity to wear funny hats and have some fun with Lisburn customers and shoppers whilst at the same time raising vital charity funds and help raise awareness that routine eye tests can detect signs of brain tumours.'

Regular eye tests important

‘Many people are unaware that eye tests are not only critical for your eyes, but your wider health too. A routine test allows opticians to detect serious issues that can be both sight and, in some cases, life-threatening – including brain tumours.'

Wear a Hat Day has raised over £1 million

Since Brain Tumour Research's Wear a Hat Day was launched nine years ago, the initiative has raised over £1 million.

Funds raised on Wear a Hat Day will be used to build a network of experts in world-class, sustainable brain tumour research across the UK.

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