You probably know that an eye test is the best way to detect changes to your vision.

But did you know that it could actually help identify a number of other medical conditions too, some of which have nothing to do with the eye itself?

Keeping you healthy

To mark World Health Day this year, the experts at Specsavers Lewes are keen to share some surprising conditions that could be picked up by a routine eye test.

Patricia Lofting, store director in Lewes, explains: ‘Regular eye tests, at least every two years, are really important to your health – in ways you may not be expecting.'

Spotting diabetes

‘For example, diabetes can be identified for the first time through an eye test. Diabetic retinopathy can cause sight loss, but early leaks from blood vessels can sometimes be apparent before you know you have the condition.'

Or high cholesterol

‘High cholesterol levels can also be seen by looking at the back of the eye, appearing as deposits in your blood vessels. And your eyes could also reveal other things, like arthritis or even a brain tumour.'

Relatively rare

‘Finding anything unusual on an eye test is relatively rare, so there is no need to panic. But it does highlight the need to get your eyes checked regularly, so that if there is anything wrong it can be identified and treated.’

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