A Leven optician and a wildlife ranger recently visited Aberhill Primary School and Mountfleurie Primary School to offer unique sensory workshops.

Specsavers stores in Scotland have sponsored several Zoolab workshops which have proven very popular across the country. They allow youngsters to get up close and personal with an array of exotic creatures while learning about their ecosystems.

Unique sensory workshops

Mini petting zoos are brought in to the classroom which includes animals such as giant African land snails, Indian stick insects, cockroaches, a Chilean rose tarantula, a giant African millipede, American corn snake and rats.

Along with learning about the creepy crawlies, the primary one class from each school were taught about the importance of looking after their senses from the team at Specsavers Leven.

Innovative learning

Stewart Wilson, director of Specsavers in Leven, said: ‘We love the concept of these sensory workshops and think it’s a great way for kids to learn about their senses as they play such a crucial part in children’s education.

‘It was a pleasure for some of the Leven team to visit the local primary schools and teach them about good practice for looking after their eyes and ears in an innovative way. It’s important for us to raise awareness of regular eye tests from a young age.’

Zoolab has a national network of rangers and an 'animal team' who are on hand to help schools, companies, organisations and care homes bring people closer to nature, and stimulate an interest in science, nature and learning. Its work in schools is highly curriculum-driven, delivering educational experiences across all subjects and explaining the concepts of science in ways that children can see and touch.

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