Amer Choudhry, the store director at Specsavers in Letchworth paid a visit to local independent school St. Christophers to give an educational presentation to the pupils.

Eye health

The pupils were informed about eye care and the importance of eye health as we grow up. They were also given a run through of the sight testing process with the aid of some of the optical equipment used in the Specsavers examination labs.

Importance of eyes

Amer said: ‘It was great to visit St. Christopher’s School and meet the bright, young pupils there. They were really receptive and they enjoyed the presentation. It is important that children understand the importance of their eyes as it is something that we can grow up taking for granted so I hope that the children left knowing a little more about eye sight and the work that we do at Specsavers.

We urge all parents to ensure that their children are having their sight tested regularly and are reminding them to book an appointment at the store if they are overdue an eye examination.'

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