Certain glasses don’t suit everyone, so the Leigh-on-Sea experts are here to give a helping hand in picking the right pair – whatever your face shape, hair colour or eyes colour. Here are their top tips:

Face shape

There’s a theory that says you should choose frames that are the opposite shape to your face, so if you have a round face you’ll suit angular frames and vice versa.


Colour is critical when choosing a pair of specs! Just like clothes and accessories specs should complement your skin tone and eye colour. Tortoiseshell patterns and bright colours look great against a darker complexion.


Subtle frame styles keep the focus firmly on the hair, so if your hairstyle is your key feature a lighter colour or frameless specs would work best for you.


To draw attention to the eyes, choose glam eye-catching glasses with a bit of bling. A flash of colour on frames work well to highlight the eyes.

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