Whether you’re glued to your hand held device, watching the telly or reading the morning paper – all these activities involve using your eyes.

But have you ever considered the effects these things could have on your sight? Specsavers Leigh-On-Sea experts have some top tips on how to look after your eyes so you can still enjoy all your favourite things.

One-size does not fit all

Wearing your regular prescription glasses when reading from a handheld device is not always a good idea – instead, make sure you inform your optician about your reading habits as they may prescribe a different strength of lens.

Bright and alright

Make sure the room is well lit when you’re reading from a screen, a book or a newspaper. When sitting looking at a screen in the dark, your eyes are sure to suffer.

Keep it clean

Regularly cleaning the screen of your handheld device is a must. Wiping away dust and grime build up makes sure text on the screen can easily be read without unintentionally struggling to see it.

The bigger the better

E-readers will have the option of changing the font size, so make sure you select larger text if you find yourself squinting and straining to read a tiny font. And most of all, remember to get regular eye tests to keep your eyes healthy!

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