With the Six Nations well underway, it’s fair to say the rugby extravaganza is encouraging the nation to get involved in more physical activity – so Specsavers in Leigh-On-Sea is raising awareness of the benefits of wearing contact lenses while taking part in sport.


Contact lenses can be particularly beneficial while playing physical sports like rugby. They offer a greater stability while guaranteeing all-round-vision and won’t steam up, become sweaty or even fall off or break like glasses.

Specsavers Leigh-On-Sea team of experts are on hand to offer helpful, professional advice, whether that’s for glasses, or if you’re thinking about contact lenses for the first time, our contact lens specialists provide a step by step guide and tips to ensure you feel happy and confident with your choice.

Giving contact lenses a try

Many people find the thought of contact lenses a little daunting, but they are comfortable and easy to use, so are particularly useful when you’re at the gym or doing sport, so why not pop down to Specsavers Leigh-On-Sea and give contact lenses a try.


Once customers have decided on which lens is right for them, the store will give them one pair of monthly contact lenses or five pairs of daily disposable contact lenses to try, free.

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