Local residents suffering from a build-up of earwax can benefit from a new service offered by Specsavers hearing centre in Leicester. 

Quick and painless procedure

Hearcare director Jake Tyers is fully trained to provide aural micro suction, allowing him to carry out the quick and painless procedure for customers. Anyone suffering with symptoms associated with earwax build-up, such as tinnitus or prolonged earache, could benefit from the service. 

‘Earwax is produced naturally inside the ears, but it can sometimes build up and block the ears if not cleared regularly,’ Jake said. ‘For those who struggle with this problem or who can’t have their ears syringed, aural micro suction is an effective and painless alternative.

‘The service is available throughout the week and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes for both ears. To book an appointment, we ask customers to call the store for availability. We will examine the ears before using a small suction device to safely clear any build-up of earwax.’

To find out more about aural micro suction, pop into Specsavers in Leicester and speak to a member of the team. Treatment costs £40 for both ears. 

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