Radio star, Barnaby Towers, turned down the volume for a free hearing check at Specsavers Hearing Centre in Leeds this week.

The Leeds Student Radio DJ is used to being heard on the airwaves but with so much time spent wearing headphones, it was time to make sure his own hearing was up to scratch.

Given the all clear

Barnaby Towers, says: ‘As I spend a lot of time on radio and DJing I need to make sure my hearing is OK. I took a free hearing test at Specsavers and found out that my hearing is fine.’

Damage caused by regular exposure to loud sounds

Exposure to loud sounds can cause hearing damage gradually over time. In fact, if you work or regularly spend time in environments where loud noise is common, you could be losing your hearing without even realising it. Specsavers Hearing Centre in Leeds provide a range of value-for-money solutions for occasional and regular use, from instant fit devices to custom-made products.

More young people visiting Specsavers for hearing protection

Amrit Rehal, hearing director commented: ‘It is great to have Barnaby in the store to help us continue our fight against the stigma associated with hearing loss. We have noticed more and more young people visiting the store recently in order to see what hearing protection is currently available and it is imperative to preserve your hearing.

‘Advances in technology mean the new generation of instant fit devices are now more effective and comfortable than ever. Using a newly developed attenuation filter, they effectively cut out unpleasant background noise without blocking out the sounds you want to hear, such as speech and music.

‘In particular we have a device called MusicSoft, which has been designed primarily for DJs, musicians, and those exposed to loud music on a regular basis. MusicSafe will attenuate the damaging frequencies without compromising on the quality of the music.’

Tackling the stigmatism

Specsavers wants to tackle the stigma associated with hearing loss and to encourage people and especially younger customers, to ensure they’re protecting their hearing.

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