Fife school pupils had a chance to learn all about their eyes when a local optician dropped in to give a masterclass.

Four P2 classes at Fair Isle Primary School are currently studying ‘senses’ so teachers invited an optical expert in to help the youngsters learn more about sight and how the eye works.

Impressed by the enthusiasm
Kathryn Thompson, store director of Specsavers Kirkcaldy, visited the school to give a practical demonstration with an interactive video and said she was impressed by the enthusiasm of the 76 pupils.

She said: ‘I wanted to really engage the pupils, so I brought along a model eye to show them how the different parts of the eye work together. We had a fun video which brought the information to life using cartoon characters and I showed the pupils some eye diagrams, eye charts and optical illusions.

Eager and intelligent bunch
‘The boys and girls were a credit to the school – they were an eager and intelligent bunch and had lots of questions to keep me on my toes.’

The findings also served to remind pupils about the importance of eye health and regular trips to the opticians.

Strong links with the community
Head teacher at the school, Rae Walker, said: ‘We are proud to have strong links with the community, and I think having someone from a local business talking to pupils helps make the subject more ‘real’ and gets their attention.

‘The talk was a good opportunity to remind the pupils about the importance of regular trips to the opticians.’

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