Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance has received a cash boost of more than £400, thanks to a member of the Specsavers Kilmarnock team. 
Heather Mercer, 45, took on a charity challenge earlier this month, as she bravely completed a 165ft free fall abseil from the Forth Rail Bridge, South Queensferry, with her partner Thomas McCormick, 44.
The optical assistant has worked at the local Specsavers store for almost three years and has now undertaken two descents for the charity alongside Thomas, who is an employee with the Scottish Ambulance Service on the air desk. 
Last year, the couple made their way down the 140ft Dundee University Tower for the same cause.
Relies solely on donations
Heather says, ‘Thomas’s work is the reason we did this abseil as well as the one in Dundee last year. His job is to dispatch the emergency aircraft across Scotland and the Islands. 
‘Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance began in May of last year working alongside the Scottish Ambulance Service. The service is based in Perth and has made many emergency retrievals across Scotland.
‘It’s a charity that relies solely on donations to keep running. We raised more than £400, with most of our donations coming from work colleagues and the total raised for the charity from this abseil was £10,800. We’d like to thank everyone for their kind donations and the organisers; we had a blast taking part.’
Myra Smith, director, says: ‘We are so proud of Heather and what she has accomplished for the charity.  A fundraising event of this kind shows her dedication and determination to help raise awareness of Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance.’