Specsavers Hearing Centre in Kidderminster celebrated the anniversary of its grand opening ten years ago with fundraising, cake, and a giant walking ear. The team at 2 Coventry Street raised funds for Action on Hearing Loss to mark being open for a decade. 

Birthday celebrations

Customer and passers-by found themselves doing a double take as they spotted a giant ear walking around the store. There was be a Specsavers birthday cake that rook the form of a hearing aid, a charity raffle and staff were on hand giving away goody bags to the public. The team were also honoured by a visit from the Mayor of Kidderminster, Nicky Gale. 

A word from the store director

Store director, Craig Sadler, said: ‘The store’s birthday was a special opportunity to celebrate reaching a milestone with the town which has supported us in our 10 years to date. 

‘We would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who popped down, made a donation and enjoyed the festivities with us. We're proud to share the success we've had so far and fundraising for Action on Hearing Loss was the perfect way to do that.

‘Most people know that it’s important to get your eyes examined regularly as part of a full health check, but fewer people realise the importance of having hearing checks. Unlike sight loss, hearing loss is a gradual process that might not be noticed until significant loss of aural awareness has occurred, so it’s important to make sure you have it checked.’

Action on Hearing Loss

Action on Hearing Loss is the UK’s largest charity for the deaf and hard of hearing. According to the charity’s report, it is estimated that up to four million people in the UK would benefit from a hearing aid and this figure is set to rise as the population ages and noise pollution increases. By 2031 it is predicted that 14.5 million people in the UK will have some form of hearing loss.

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