A group of children from Castle Nursery School visited Specsavers in Kenwilworth recently and learned a lot about eye health.
Around 80% of everything a child learns is through their vision, so even a minor problem with a child’s sight can mean they suffer huge setbacks in their development at school.
Eight children visited the store to learn about what happens during a trip to the opticians, eyes and glasses.  The trip coincided with the children learning the alphabet and the letter ‘O’.
‘We were delighted to welcome the group into the store,’ says Ambreena Ahsan Bhatti, store director. ‘It’s good to show children from an early age what the opticians is about, and demonstrate that having your eyes examined is fun rather than scary.’
Regular eye examinations for youngsters are vital, as undetected vision problems affect a child’s learning and, if it is not in perfect condition, can often be mistaken for learning difficulties.