A Kenilworth cricket umpire is sporting a new coat which aims to dispel any myths about his eyesight and confirm his judgments on the pitch.

Norman Rogers, umpire for Leek Wootton in the Cotswold Hills League, was so fed up with batsmen and bowlers saying he ‘should've gone to Specsavers’ when they disagreed with his rulings, he did exactly that!

A regular customer to Specsavers in Kenilworth, Norman knew his eyesight was up to scratch and so approached the store to see if they could help make people aware that his vision wasn’t a factor when calling unfavourable decisions.

The result was a new umpire coat conveying the message ‘I did go to Specsavers, in Kenilworth’.

‘When Norman approached us we were only too keen to help,’ said Ambreena Ahsan Bhatti, store director.  ‘It’s great to see that the ‘should have gone to Specsavers’ catch phrase has become such a common place saying, particularly on the sporting field, and we hope that Norman takes delight in letting people know that his eyes are clearly on the ball!’

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