An Isle of Man opticians has helped to prove that football can be enjoyed at any age by sponsoring a local Walking Football club.

The initiative was established by the Isle of Man Football Association to offer men over the age of 50 who may have thought their football playing days were over a chance to get involved again in the sport they love.

Walking Football is the same exciting game as traditional football but at a slowed down pace to suit the age and mobility of the players.

All the same rules as standard football apply except players walk instead of run after the ball with running resulting in free kicks to the opposing team.

Specsavers announces sponsorship of new league

With the game becoming increasingly popular, Specsavers has announced its sponsorship of this new league.

Frank Stennett, CEO of the Isle of Man Football Association, says: ‘We are delighted that Specsavers has agreed to support this new format of football on the Island for the 50-years-plus player.

‘Having taken part in the very first pilot games we staged in conjunction with the Department of Health, I can assure any potential player that Walking Football is a very enjoyable and beneficial way to exercise.’

Walking Football takes place every Wednesday in Douglas

Walking Football on the island will take place every Wednesday lunch time, between 12.00am and 1.00pm at the NSC Sports Hall in Douglas, for an initial six week period. 

Adrian Higgins, managing director at Specsavers Isle of Man, says: ‘The Walking Football initiative is a great way for older players to keep exercising and enjoying the game. Specsavers is proud to be supporting it on the Isle of Man.

‘The benefits of Walking Football for the over 50s demographic are enormous. Participants in Walking Football clubs around the UK have seen improvements in cardiovascular fitness, joint mobility and coordination as well as reductions in the chances of developing Cardio Vascular Disease.’

The first session is on Wednesday 24th September. If you would like to register either as a team, or an individual, please ring Lewis Qualtrough or George Harker at the Isle of Man Football Association on 61350. The cost is £1.00 per session.

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