Specsavers in Ipswich is advising its residents on how best to protect their eyes from the harsh weather conditions that winter brings.

Dry, gritty and bloodshot eyes in the winter months are often a result of the cold winds and increased use of central heating. Specsavers store director, Mark Taggart, offers his top tips on preventing eye soreness this winter.

Central heating

The gritty sensation and dryness sometimes experienced during the colder months can be enhanced by dehydration. Here are a few ways to reduce the irritation of dry eyes:

1. Keeping the setting low on your central heating.

2. Avoid car heaters, particularly at face level.

3. Avoid sitting too close to direct heat such as gas or electric heaters.

Less coffee and more water

While many enjoy a hot drink at this time of year, cutting back on the coffee and drinking more water can help ease the soreness of dry eyes.

Eye drops

The oil content in tears that helps lubricate the eye can be affected during the winter months. Although people suffering from dry eyes often produce plenty of watery tears, the oil content is not enough to efficiently lubricate the eye. Eye drops can therefore be used as a supplement to provide extra lubrication to prevent that dry, gritty sensation.

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