Inverness residents who have old hearing aids are being encouraged to donate them to help children in developing nations.

Staff at the Inverness Hearing Centre are collecting donations for Sounds Seekers, a charity dedicated to helping people, especially the young, who are deaf or hard of hearing in the world’s poorest communities.  

It is hoped the donated devices, when reconditioned and reprogrammed, will help create a brighter future for those living with hearing loss in the developing world.

Inverness support
Dot Goodson, audiologist at Specsavers Hearing Centre in Inverness, said: ‘Living in the UK, we are extremely lucky to have access to such robust hearing healthcare programmes.

Oversees, charities like Sound Seekers are providing vital care to those who are not as fortunate. We’re calling on Inverness residents to help us support their efforts.’

The World Health Organisation estimated there are 360 million deaf people in the world, 80 per cent of whom live in the developing world.

Specsavers is also supporting the Sound Seekers Hear in Malawi campaign to raise money for children and adults with hearing loss in Malawi. All donations will be matched by the UK government, enabling the charity to help twice as many people in need. More information is available at Sound Seekers.

To donate an old hearing aid please visit Specsavers on the High Street.

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