Working at Specsavers proved to be a potential sight saver for 25-year-old Lauren Swepstone.

The Ilkeston resident had been working as a receptionist at the store for just three months when she started to have a problem with her right eye. So, while at work she quickly sought the advice of optician, Simon Knight, and contact lens consultant Donna Earnshaw.

‘I’d suffered from conjunctivitis in the past – so assumed that this latest problem was just another flare up,’ says Lauren. ‘If I hadn’t been working for an opticians I probably would have just ignored it, but because of where I worked I knew how important eye examinations can be in picking up any potential problems.’

Inflamed blood cells

Simon carried out a full eye examination, which revealed that Lauren’s blood cells in her eye were very inflamed and the pupil was fixed. Suspecting that she was suffering from iritis, Simon referred Lauren straight away to the Queen’s Medical Eye Hospital in Nottingham.

Untreated iritis can cause sight loss 

Here the consultant confirmed that Lauren did indeed have irits, and that because the pressure in her eye was so high, she could have potentially lost the sight in it.

Fortunately, the infection had been picked up in the nick of time, and Lauren underwent a course of medication to treat the condition. She’s now back in work full time and will have regular checkups at the hospital.

The importance of regular eye examinations

‘Working at an opticians proved to be the right choice for me – in more ways than one,’ adds Lauren. ‘It has really made me appreciate how important eye examinations are.’

‘We don’t see many cases of iritis in store – but when Lauren came to see me I suspected that she might be suffering with the condition,’ explains Simon, who’s been working as an optician at the store for seven years.

‘The fact that Lauren might have just put this down to conjunctivitis and not considered visiting an opticians if she hadn’t been working here, really does highlight the need for more education around the importance of regular eye examinations.

Get tested every two years

We advise all our customers to get their eyes tested every two years, unless they’re experiencing any problems like Lauren, in which case they should come in sooner.’

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