Specsavers in Ilkeston has invested in a store-wide upgrade that included cutting-edge optical technology to pick up early signs of eye conditions.

Specsavers founder, Dame Mary Perkins, visited the Ilkeston practice last to launch the revolutionary eyecare machine, called Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).

Provided at no extra cost as part of a regular eye test, the £30,000 investment will help Specsavers optometrists detect early on-set eye conditions and diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy; all leading causes of blindness.

The non-invasive devise produces high resolution 3D images of conditions even in the early stages including macular holes, hypersensitive retinopathy and optic nerve damage.

The OCT test can be completed within minutes, and if patient needs hospital care, the scans can be sent over to a hospital-based eye consultant for further treatment.

‘We would like to encourage all patients to book an appointment as part of regular health checks at least every two years,’ said Specsavers store director, Krishna Parmar. ‘Not only is it a prescription check, but it can identify underlying problems before symptoms arise. Early diagnosis of eye conditions will vastly improve the success rate of the treatment and help patients in need of urgent care.’

‘The OCT technology is key to this, as we can now provide visuals of each eye so issues can be spotted easily and any changes can be tracked over time,’ added store director Amisha Parmar. ‘We are delighted to offer this to our customers at no extra charge.’

Mary Perkins, the founder of Specsavers said: ‘The OCT machine brings a significant step forward in optical technology to the Ilkeston community. It will change the way we approach eyecare and treat conditions for the better.’

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