68-year old granddad Graham Marshall had complained about having distorted vision in his right eye when normally he had near perfect vision.

So what happened next?

After a trip to us in Ilkeston, one of our optometrists, Anna Davies noticed fluid in the central part of the retina called macular.
Anna says: ‘Macular degeneration is one type of condition that routine eye exams can detect along with many others for which optometrists are trained extensively.

‘This can lead to significant and permanent loss of vision if not treated promptly. I faxed a referral letter to the Queens Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottinghamshire so he could be treated as soon as possible.

‘We recommend that everyone should have an eye test at least every two years and not to ignore any changes in their vision.’

Ever so grateful 

Graham praised Anna for how she handled the situation: ‘The optometrist was nice and calm and said I didn’t need to do anything immediately, so I felt reassured.’

He explained how disappointed he would be if he lost his sight and what he would miss out on.

‘Fun shouldn’t stop when you’re over 65,’ said Mr Marshall. ‘I have a very full life and enjoy the theatre, gardening, visiting National Trust properties and spending time with our two young grandchildren.  

‘I feel like shouting out “for goodness sake, get your eyes tested” to people who are complacent about regular check-ups. 

‘Thanks to the eye examination, the condition was caught at an early stage, and I will be able to see my grandchildren grow up.’ 
The grateful grandfather now attends hospital appointments every four weeks with a specialist team at the QMC. His vision should be back to near perfect soon.

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