At this time of year, many people resolve to take better care of their health.

Perhaps by eating better, or taking up a new exercise regime.

The experts at Specsavers Ilford, in the High Road, think that a big part of that should involve looking after your eyes – so it might well be time to get an eye test.

Eye tests are critical

Eye tests are not just about helping you see better, they can also help detect a range of medical conditions which are hard to spot such as glaucoma, and in some cases diabetes.

Give your eyes an MOT

Mohammed Rehmani, ophthalmic director in Ilford, says: ‘Why not give your eyes an MOT this new year? You should have an eye test every two years – unless you have been told to have one more often.

‘So if it has been a while, why not combine your resolutions by grabbing a healthy breakfast then jogging down to see us for an eye test?

‘And remember, we can get your new glasses back to you on the same day in the majority of cases thanks to our new in store lab in Ilford, making it even easier.’

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