Naz Khokhar, the pre-screener optical assistant at the Ilford store, has won his third customer service award this year after joining Specsavers on 28th March 2014.

Naz previously worked managing significant volumes of people at the courts in the London and Essex area. Working in a time-pressured environment and often with challenging personalities is where Naz acquired his superb customer service skillset.

More about Naz

The busy Ilford store conducts over 1500 sight tests a month, and Naz has since helped to improve waiting times. After leaving the courts and before starting at Specsavers, Naz looked after his father for a year before he sadly passed away. Naz says ‘I love working at Specsavers as it allows me to spend time with my family and provides a great work and life balance; I also really enjoy working with the customers.’

In order to shine in customer service relations, Naz advises to keep a smile on your face and keep a sense of humour. As well as this, he ensures customers are always kept informed, whether it’s about waiting times or information the pre- and post-testing process.

Customer service tips from Naz

A worthy winner, Naz has three minutes to make his impression on his customers and he uses this short time to get to know them as well as he can and ensuring each brief meeting is personalised to them. He also ensures customer’s email addresses are captured accurately enabling them to comment on the service and improvements, and Naz has single-handedly upped response rates.

Naz said: ‘It’s about making the experience unique for the customer so they don’t go anywhere else – humour goes a long way. When people leave the store they say that they’re going to come back and bring their family. They walk away with a smile on their face.

‘I worked for 24 years at the court service, which involved performance management and how you deal with the public, so I’ve brought a lot of that to Specsavers.

‘It’s also about keeping people informed – if they have to wait, I make sure I let them know how long it’s going to be, and constantly let them know how many people are ahead of them. People don’t mind waiting so much if they’re kept informed.’

A word from the director

Saleem, store director said: ‘Naz is a fantastic addition to our team here at Ilford. He is always smiling and remains upbeat no matter what the situation is, or how hectic the clinic is - which is very often!’

‘Being based in the Greater London area, customers have unrealistic expectations. As such customer service scores are even more challenging than usual. Naz brought a refreshing attitude with him and engaged all customers with appropriate conversation and excellent manners.’

A holiday for two

Naz was the overall winner in the country for July 2014 as well as August 2014 which means he has won a holiday for two to any location in Europe with a Specsavers store, and has chosen the Netherlands as his destination.

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