A local hospital worker who is treating Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients every day is praising her optician following the fast and professional service she received.


Janet Anderson-Crickson, a radiology clinical support assistant at Aintree Hospital, visited Specsavers in Huyton after experiencing floaters in her eye


Symptoms could mean something more serious


Floaters are very common and are usually nothing to worry about. However, in rare occasions, they can sometimes be an indication of retinal detachment, a potentially serious condition, which if left untreated can cause sigh loss.


Janet said: ‘I noticed the floaters in my eyes and knew what they can lead to and that they needed fast attention.


‘Our department is getting busier due to increasing volumes of COVID-19 patients, and we are responsible for carrying out chest scans to understand how the infection is affecting a patient’s breathing.


‘Having good eyesight is essential for my job so when I noticed the symptoms, I was aware it could be serious. I was worried about how to get treatment quickly during lockdown.’


Janet called her local Specsavers store in Huyton, after finding out they were still open for care. 


Safe and caring in store


‘When I arrived at the store, I called them on my mobile phone and they came to the door to let me in. They were following social distancing and health and safety guidelines closely, which made me feel at ease.


‘After an examination, they told me that the floaters I was experiencing were not an early sign of a detached retina. I simply needed an updated prescription, so the store ordered me a new pair of frames – I was very relieved it was not more serious!


‘What also really impressed me was the professional advice - they spent time talking to me in detail about floaters - which was really helpful and informative.’


Proud to support key workers


Store director Jack Hopkins said: ‘We’ve been treating lots of key workers at the store. It’s rewarding to be able to offer support to those playing a vital role in battling Coronavirus (COVID-19).


‘We know how important it is that our service is efficient, safe and informative and we are proud to be supporting the NHS and other key workers with critical optical services at such a challenging time.’


To book an appointment or a consultation at Specsavers in Huyton, please call 0151 481 0241.