A Nottinghamshire mum has thanked Stephen Archer, optometrist at Specsavers in Hucknall, after he uncovered a life-threatening brain tumour during an eye examination, saving the life of a mum of two.

Regular headaches

After his wife had been suffering with regular headaches, Michael Hart arranged for his wife Samantha to have an eye test at the store, thinking a new pair of glasses might fix the problem.

As part of the eye test, Stephen took a photograph of Samantha’s eye and noticed her optic nerve was swollen. He was then able to compare the image to one taken two years earlier and noticed a change.

Stephen took swift action following the discovery and told Michael he would need to get his wife to hospital as soon as possible.

'I thought oh my god it’s serious'

‘We never thought it would turn out to be so serious,’ says Michael. ‘Sam had many tests that day, but when the consultant came in the room and put his arm around me, I thought oh my god it’s serious.’

Doctors told Michael that if Stephen hadn’t discovered the tumour, his wife would have been dead within three months.

But, thanks to the diligence and quick response of Stephen and the hospital staff, Samantha underwent surgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible.

Get your eyes checked

Michael continued: ‘We just wanted to thank Stephen whilst warning others to get their eyes checked as it could save their life one day.’

A modest Stephen, who is also store director of Specsavers in Hucknall, said: ‘Any other optician would have seen the problem too, but it’s important that eye tests become part of everybody’s regular health routine.

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