Holloway partner Rupesh Shah recently gave an inspirational speech to over a hundred colleagues at a Specsavers London regional conference detailing his successes over his ten-year career with Specsavers.

Taking on a new challenge

Starting his career with Specsavers in the Wood Green store in 2007, Rupesh later moved to Victoria to take up the manager position in 2011. But when the opportunity came up a year ago to become a partner at the Holloway store, he jumped at the chance.

Rupesh said: ‘I was really excited for the challenge of taking on the retail director role at Holloway. When I joined, the store was underperforming and both myself and my business partner Natasha (Rathour) knew we had a great opportunity to turn things around.’ 


Rupesh and Natasha wanted to build a strong team, as they knew working hard to find the right people from the start would ensure great results for the store and their customers.

Rupesh says: ‘It really is the small things that matter. Even something as simple as setting up a WhatsApp group to better communicate with our team members has made a big impact on the store.’

The store is now thriving, and Rupesh and Natasha are excited about the future and building on their success.

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