Rajni Gorania, optician at the Hinckley store, has arrived back in the UK following a two week trip to Zambia to help those with poor sight in the Lusaka region.

Rajni travelled to the town of Kafue with Vision Aid Overseas (VAO), helping the charity’s mission to improve access to eyecare for people in the developing world.

‘This is my second trip abroad volunteering with VAO,’ said Rajni. ‘Last year I went to Ethiopia to help train eyecare workers. This time, in Zambia, we were based at a hospital delivering outreach programmes. With a team of four UK opticians and the help of a Zambian optometry student we managed to carry out sight tests and distribute specs to hundreds of locals, transforming the sight and lives of so many.’

Vision Aid Overseas delivers eyecare and a sustainable supply of glasses to impoverished people in third world countries, as well as initiating the training of local eyecare workers so that countries can start to become self-sufficient in eyecare services. Visit www.visionaidoverseas.org.

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