Store merchandiser, Emma Sherwood, from the Specsavers High Wycombe team has answered some of our questions about her role and life in the store. Read on to find out more about Emma and the store.

What does your job involve?

'My time is split between merchandising and dispensing. In the morning, I focus on merchandising and have to organise two orders and stock counts a week. Then in the afternoon, I focus on dispensing within the store.'

Were you born in High Wycombe?

'I’m originally from a small town in Australia that’s a five hour drive outside of Sydney. I moved here two and a half years ago as needed a change of pace and a new challenge.'

How did you come to get the job at the Specsavers store?

'I’d been in hospitality a while and really wanted to learn something new. I’d studied nursing before that but it really wasn’t for me. I have a passion for fashion and enjoy customer service so this job seemed like the ideal fit.'

Do you wear glasses yourself?

'I describe myself as a frame nerd. I have three pairs at the moment but have my eye on a few more pairs.'

Do you have a favourite style of frame?

'My favourite style is definitely vintage/retro so it would have to be a pair from the new Kylie Minogue range. In terms of favourite brand, I’d have to pick Roxy as they’re really fun and colourful.'

How long have you worked at the High Wycombe store? 

'Coming up to a year now and I’ve really enjoyed it.'

Have you organised any training courses?

'I’ve been on a few courses to London for dispensing and am looking at other courses at the moment. I like to work hard and to keep busy so I’m always finding more jobs to do.'

Any hints and tips for choosing frames?

'Don’t be afraid to go for something different. Have some confidence and pick a style that is out of your comfort zone.'

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

'I think of myself as quite artistic so like drawing in my spare time. My goal for this year is to focus more of my time on sketching.'

For more information or to book an appointment at the store, contact us on 01494 520 304.

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