Nearly a third of all people in the UK suffer from Hay Fever, which can seriously affect one’s eye health.

Many residents of High Wycombe and the surrounding areas will be suffering from symptoms such as itching, irritated or watery eyes, and sometimes a redness in the whites of the eyes.

Rubbing can damage the cornea

Opticians at Specsavers would advise customers to resist rubbing their eyes, because as well as making their itching worse, in rare cases it can actually be damaging to the cornea. 

More often than not these symptoms can be easily treated by over-the-counter products, such as antihistamines tablets and eye drops. We are able to offer ocular lubricants in the form of eye-drops or gels, as well as antihistamine and anti-inflammatory eye-drops.

Come in if you are being affected

We would urge you to come in for an examination if you are being affected, before seeing your GP, as often they will refer you to an opticians. If your symptoms are so severe that you would benefit from being examined by an eye specialist, we can also arrange this.

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