London Olympics gold medal winner and lightweight boxer, Luke Campbell, visited Specsavers in Hessle for an eye test ahead of his homecoming match at Hull Arena on Saturday 25 October.

Professional sportspeople required to take eye-health seriously
The eye test at Specsavers in Hessle was part of an annual medical examination required by the British Boxing Board of Control for lightweight boxers. It is important to detect any risks to the eye and to make sure the boxer’s vision is good enough for meeting an opponent in the ring.

Eye tests as important as any other health check for athletes
Kay Weaver, store director at Hessle Specsavers, commented: ‘It is important for athletes to realise that eye tests are just as essential as any other health check. Visiting the opticians can be vital for detecting eye health problems early, as well as highlighting other health conditions.

‘In sports such as boxing, it is very important to go for regular eye tests to make sure there are no underlying problems. Blows to the head can lead to injuries to the retina or even cause it to detach, which in turn can lead to blindness if not treated urgently.’

Specsavers cheers Luke to victory
Kay added: ‘We wish Luke good luck in his match this weekend – we’ll definitely be cheering him on.’

Peace of mind after the all-clear
Speaking about his visit to Specsavers on Prestongate, Luke said: ‘It’s a relief to know that my health and vision has got the all-clear as these are things that can be affected by punches in the ring.

‘I don’t want to have these things in the back of my mind when I meet my opponent in such an important match. Having the correct eye care is an absolute necessity for an athlete, and I know I get the right care and quality when I go to Specsavers in Hessle.’

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